Saturday, 7 February 2009

NFR Setlist 05-02-09

Thursday was the first Not For Resale of the year, and it went pretty damn well. being off for a month means we were stocked full of new-ness, and being the first of 2009 it was only right that we set out our stall in pretty fucked up fashion.

Here's the jamz from me and the Wolfe >>>

Wolves In The Throne Room – Hate Crystal (Malevolent Grain 12”, Southern Lord)
A Death Cinematic – A Short Story On The Theme Of A Broken Dream (A Parable On The Aporia Of Vengeance And The Beauty Of Impenetrable Sadness, Simple Box Construction)
I Hope You Suffer – I Could Move Mountains For You (Pocket Change Sampler, Pocket Change)
Women – Lawncare (Women, Flemish Eye)
Grampall Jookabox – I’m Absolutely Freaked Out (Ropechain, Asthmatic Kitty)
Mi Ami – Echonoecho (Watersports, Touch & Go)
Der Blutharsch – VIII (The Philosophers’ Stone, Tesco)
Psychic Ills – Fingernail Tea (Mirror Eye, Social Registry)
Action Beat – Le Chap (The Noise Band From Bletchley, Southern)
Blank Dogs – Spinning (The Fields, Woodsist)
Wavves - Wavves (Wavves, Woodsist)
Apollo Sunshine – Brotherhood Of Death (Shall Noise Upon, Headless Heroes)
The Death Set – Impossible (Etan Remix)
South Central – Nothing Can Go Wrong (The Owl Of Minerva, Egregore)
Quttinrpaaq – The Sea And The Birdman (Dragged Through The Streets, Blackest Rainbow)
Fever Ray – Coconut (Fever Ray, Mute)
Animal Collective – Summertime Clothes (Merriweather Post Pavilion, Domino)
Cardopusher –Cockpit (Mutant Dubstep Vol. 2, Spectraliquid)
Turbowolf – Ghost Hunt (Demo)
Nullifier – 30 Minute Heat (Demo)
Foals – Two Steps Twice (Antidotes, Transgressive)
Grasscut – Swallow The Day (Demo)
Grampall Jookabox – We Know We Might Be Fucked (Ropechain, Asthmatic Kitty)
Black Mountain – Lucy Brown (7”, Sub Pop)
Deerhunter – Nothing Ever Happened (Microcastle, 4AD)
Paavoharju – Tytto Tanssii (Lau;Lu Laakson Kukista, Fonal)
Factory Floor – Taxidermist (Planning Application, One Of One)
A.H. Kraken – Black Borny (A.H. Kraken, In The Red)
Tayside Mental Health – I See Hygiene Issues (Metal Eyes Ep, Self-Released)
Mayyors – Airplanes (Megan's LOLZ 7", Self-Released)
Hateful Abandon – Lungs (Famine (Or Into The Bellies Of Worms), Todestrieb)
The Hospitals – Sour Hawaii (Hairdryer Peace, Self-Released)
Diagonal – Child Of The Thunder Cloud (Diagonal, Rise Above)
Hotel Wrecking City Traders – The Lakeshore Strangler (Black Yolk, Bro Fidelity)
Crippled Black Phoenix – 200 Tons Of Bad Luck (The Resurrectionists, Invada)
Fauna – Rain (Rain, Aurora Borealis)

Laurence played all this stuff:

An Experiment On A Bird In The Air Pump - "100 percent"
Baltimore Club Music - "Mc Nuggets Remix"
Cow'p - "Chip808"
Black Moth Super Rainbow - "Hairy Candy"
Moses Strongpice and The Going Home boys - "Mating Call"
Yeasayer - "Wintertime"
Numbers - "Crimson & Clover"
Nothing Vampirz - "nnnnnn"
Fuckwolf - "Afro Cuban"
Unicorn Dream Attack - "W34k 4nd Sm4ll"
Black Lips - "Bad Kids"
Liars - "Sailing to Byzantium"
Electrocute - "Tiger Toy"
1-800 Zombie - "XXYY"
Gameboy/Gamegirl - "Sweaty Wet Dirty Damp"
We Wait For The Snow - "Forgotten Lovers"
An Experiment On A Bird In The Air Pump - "Lights Out"
Women - "Woodbine"
Jagannah - "Pyl"
T.I.T.S - "Lady Whispers"
An Experiment On A Bird In The Air Pump - "The Past Between Us"
Cobra Killer - "Mund Auf Augen Zu"
Toxic Lipstick - "Rape Me"
She - "Gum"
Habsyll - "1 Pt 2"
Moses Strongpiece And The Going Home Boys - "Panty Monster"
MGMT - "The Youth"

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