Friday, 25 January 2008

NFR January Download

This is what we’ve been scouting round and found this month to bring to you in the full glory of Not For Resale’s January mix.

Download here:

To hear:

Fenech-Soler – The Fight (Demo)
Cobra Dukes – Life Of The Party (Airtight Single, Prestel)
Dirty Fingernails – Bruno (Demo)
XBX – 1,2,3,4 (Demo)
Tayside Mental Health – Diary Of A Donkey Fucker (Evil Hands Are Happy Hands, Contaminated Recordings)
Charlottefield – Pacifically (What Are Friends For, FatCat)
Reverence For Benjamin – Grey Sky Winter (Demo)
Cottonmouth Rocks – Cellar Door (Demo)
Comradedown – Alone (What Is For Me Won’t Go By Me EP, Self-Released)
Kill Krinkle Club – Ballrooms Waiting For Us (The Bloody Murder of Krinkle, Self-Released)
Deep Hole – Touch The Earth (Demo)
Sky:Lark – These Kids Have Weapons (Demo)
Epideme – Ex-Crown (Demo)
Sloath – Black Hole (Demo)
Kontakte – Ghosts Of Electricity (Demo)
Lonely Ghosts – Happy Lovers – Friends Forever (Demo)
Plastic Passion – Look Around (Demo)
Mr Jack Cooper – Don’t Give Up The Day Job (Live at Engine Room, Brighton)
Action Beat – Justice Yeldman (Demo)