Thursday, 3 April 2008

March NFR Download

March’s Not For Resale Download is up and ready for you to collect. 20 tracks of the best demos and new releases from the last month’s NFR nights:

It’s the tenth mix in the series, and this one is a bit of a slow builder, sliding out of a noisy intro, through some baroque ambience and up into stuttering electro mayhem. After that, it’s all freefalling through distorto-guitars aplenty with some wry pop genius wielded maniacally for good effect.

All of that, brought to you by these intimidatingly good bands and artists:

Cera / Fenech-Soler / Fix Bayonets / I Am Blip / Illness / Invisible / Bela Emerson / Kontakte / Kumiss / MC Fashion / Medicine And Duty / One Unique Signal / Revenge Of Shinobi / Rinoa / Stars And Sons / The Great Park / The Resistance / This Mono Galaxy / Witch Hats / Wrath Of The Weak