Sunday, 3 June 2007

Meat + NFR on the BBC

I'm on BBC 6 Music radio tonight - this Sunday - from 8pm. They'll be broadcasting an interview with me and playing my 1 hour mix of electro-indie and Brighton bands, either 8-9 or 9-10pm. Not For Resale has been entered into a competition. There's 2 dj's every Sunday for 4 weeks battling for a prize of a DJ set at Summer Sundae in Leicester or Indian Summer in Glasgow, then I guess 4 in the final in July with people voting again and the top 2 winning. I think I could do a lot of damage with a set at a festival so I’m kind of wanting to win now – at least the first round any way – I’m up against someone from Cambridge. I’m not sure what would happen to the world order if Brighton lost to Cambridge in a DJing competition, but it can’t be good.

Here's the URL to the BBC 6 website so you can stream it if needs be:

It is a competition, so I am requesting your votes. Out of pity for my terrible interview probably - I don't imagine negative mono-syllabic answers translate well on air, but I’m sure it will be funny if not simply humiliating.

You can text on 64046, or email them at, or leave comments on their website. Maybe I’ll give a prize to the person who rips me apart the best. Or is the nicest, obviously.

You can stream it all week and vote until next Friday