Thursday, 27 August 2009

Summer Winter (IMP 48, July 2009)

July’s IMP mix concludes my Summer Trilogy on the bleakest of notes. Somewhat predictably of me I realise, but it’s a kind of predictable I can live with especially given the premise of the series – the soundtrack to my summer split into 3. The final part is 70 minutes of black metal, ranging from the claustrophobic through the ambient to feral punk, doom, back-yard and downright (read subterranean) dirty. All that and more. 12 individual caustic/beautiful entities to climax this triptych.

Sounds just right for long summer days lazing around the beach right? Yep.

Fuck off.

Summer Winter (IMP 48, July 2009)


01. De Silence Et d'Ombre - From The Dark Unknown Space
02. Carrion Wraith - Vers Une Nouvelle Ère
03. 1349 - Maggot Fetus... Teeth Like Thorns
04. Woe - Alone With Our Failures
05. Weapon - Cacophony! Black Sun Dragon's Tongue!
06. Bone Awl - Make For Yourself A Last Vision
07. Al Namrood - Atba'a Alnamrood
08. Bone Ritual - Attend To The Signs
09. Darkcell - II
10. Urfaust - Unter Töchtern Der Wüste
11. Teitenblood - Infernal Dance Of The Wicked
12. Cobalt – Two Thumbed Fist


Sunday, 2 August 2009

Summer Strings & Skins (IMP 47, June 2009)

June’s mix is part two of my Summer Trilogy and it’s all the guitar based tracks that my summer is revolving around. That’s as far as the concept stretches but it’s still come out as a really involving listen from the patient intro that builds up and bounces on to Wild Beasts right down to the imploding amp firestorm of Mayyors and out into the quivering pulse of Jungle Gym Vaginas; Shifting through scenes and sounds this keeps a certain heat and excited momentum going throughout.

Summer Strings & Skins (IMP 47, June 2009)



01. The Flowers Of Hell – Bluemchen
02. Wild Beasts – The Fun Powder Plot
03. The Maccabees – No Kind Words
04. Oneida – It Was A Wall
05. Atlas Sound & Panda Bear – Walkabout
06. Best Coast – Sun Was High (So Was I)
07. Velvet Davenport – Ocean Summer Time
08. Ilyas Ahmed – Enter A Shadow
09. The Warlocks – Standing Between The Lovers Of Hell
10. The Phantom Band – Folk Song Oblivion
11. Magic Wands – Kiss Me Dead
12. Mayyors – Deads
13 Jungle Gym Vaginas – Wavy Caps Side A