Wednesday, 11 February 2009

2008 gigs

Well, all the gigs I went to in 2008. Which was only 21, not 2008, as that somewhat misleading title suggests. I have been tidying up my IMP page where I have been keeping this list and just deleted it out to start a new from this year. Since it's a really really quiet day at work I thought I'd post this up. I don't really know why.

I thought my last gig was in August, but it wasn't it was in July - Which means it has actually been 6 months since I've seen any live music! That's gone past so fast, craziness. Babies are very time consuming - all good time though. Only in the build up to Wolves In The Throne Room did I really start missing live shows and the Wolves totally put paid to that on the 2nd February. More on that later, because I do want to drop a post to say what that was like.

These gigs then. The bands are in order of appearance at each gig, not headlining order:

Grasscut / John The Savage / Sooks / Crackle (Club Savage @ The Komedia, Brighton, 31-07-08)

Teeth Of The Sea / The Heads / Wooden Shjips (Freebutt, Brighton, 18-07-08)

129 Die In Jet / -A+M / Everyone To The Anderson / Winchell Riots (Bully The Ugly Girls @ The Hope, Brighton, 17-07-08)

The Cathode Ray Syndrome / Power Up / Cottonmouth Rocks (Not For Resale Live! @ The Hope, Brighton, 11-07-08)

Power Up / Tropics / Applicants / Pope Joan / Pagan Wanderer Lu / Pseudo Nippon (OIB Vs. Brainlove All Dayer @ Westhill Hall, Brighton, 06-07-08)

Laish Band / Stars Down To Earth / Last Days Of Lorca (NFR @ The Hope, Brighton, 26-06-08)

Frightened Rabbit / The Twilight Sad (Theatre Royal, Brighton, 17-05-08)

Robert Lippok & Beatrice Martini / Paul Ayres / William Whitehead / The Necks (Brighton Dome, 15-05-08)

Pope Joan / Turbowolf (Throw Up & Die @ The Water Margin, Brighton, 10-05-08)

Autumn Choris / Kontakte / Passiondale (NFR @ The Hope, Brighton, 09-05-08)

Threatmantics / Clinic (Audio, Brighton, 10-04-08)

Tom White / Chris T-T (Komedia, Brighton, 08-04-08)

Blood Red Shoes (Resident Records, Brighton, 07-04-08)

Des Capulets / Last Days Of Lorca (The Hope, Brighton, 26-03-08)

Dr Razzu / Pope Joan / The Laish Band / Girls From Egypt (Hiero Terrific, The Hope, Brighton, 15-03-08)

MC Fashion / One Unique Signal / Everyone To The Anderson (NFR LIVE! @ The Greenhouse Effect Basement, Brighton, 14-03-08)

Zettasaur / Towering Breaker / Action Beat / Axis Mundi (The Greenhouse Effect Basement, Brighton, 27-02-08)

Mr Jack Cooper / The Riddles / The Flesh Happening (Halloween Club, Engine Room, Brighton, 27-02-08)

The Lucans / Plastic Passion / Foxes!(NFR LIVE! @ The Greenhouse Effect Basement, Brighton, 08-02-08)

-A+M / Revenge Of Shinobi (Freebutt, Brighton, 31-01-08)

Diagonal (Catacomb Carousel, the Hope, Brighton, 19-01-08)

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