Sunday, 14 December 2008

November’s mix is the 4th installment of my 8 monthly Not For Resale IMP mixes. Every new one of these I do I think is the best one yet. All 4 back to back would be….a night at NFR! Without further ado, let the demo mayhem commence:

Not For Resale Vol. IV (IMP 40, November 2008)


01. Power Up - Not For Resale Jingle
02. John The Savage - Hoser (Demo)
03. Diagonal - Child Of The Thunder-Cloud (Diagonal, Rise Above)
04. I Hope You Suffer - I Could Move Mountains For You (Sampler, Pocket Change)
05. Kontakte - Life’s Road Movies (Winterlight Remix) (Life’s Road Movies, Drifting Falling)
06. Laish Quartet - The Love Written Down (One:18, Toy Soldier)
07. Lebanons - One Arm (Demo)
08. Nullifier - 30 Minute Heat (Demo)
09. Plastic Passion - Beneath The Light (Contrived Imagery, Knew Noise)
10. Bats - These One’s Lay Eggs (Demo)
11. Old Mayor - Bring In The Sleeper (Demo)
12. Grasscut - Muppet (Demo)
13. Last Days Of Lorca - I Am Rat (Demo)
14. Turbowölf - Ghost Hunt (Demo)
15. I Haunt Wizards - Frost Mountain Part II (Demo)
16. South Central - Golden Dawn (The Owl Of Minerva, Egregore)
17. Spleen & The Flesh Machine - Will To Kill (Demo)
18. Awesome Wells - Not For Resale Jingle


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