Wednesday, 10 December 2008

IMP Downloads

I am going to start posting up the mixes I make for the International Mixtape Project. I am not going to be posting them up on the actual IMP site, because Muxtape got shutdown for hosting mixes and I don't want the same thing to happen to the IMP. Not that I think me alone would cause that to happen, but shit like that happens...especially to me.

So, there will be one mix a month coming, but over the next few days I am going to back date it a while, starting from the summer. I have no idea if anyone will be interested in this at all but it's no effort to post them up so i might as well.

Introduction over. Here's the first one:

The Killer (IMP 37, August 2008)

August's mix started off a just a load of tracks I'd been listening to recently. then I kind of tightened it up into a cohesive atmosphere but it still didn't really feel right until I found a title and sorted the artwork. It's nice when that happens, and i don't use that approach too often but I especially liked this one a lot for it when it all clicked together. Despite what it seems I don't actually spend all my time listening to music and songs that remind me of killing or death....not all of my time anyway.


01. Urfaust - Untitled (Drei Rituale Jenseits Des Kosmos Track II))
02. The Mausoleums - Commerce
03. Racebannon - The Killer
04. Thee Ohsees - The Guilded Cunt
05. A H Kraken - Black Borny
06. Brown Jenkins - Forever Funerals
07. Deerhunter - Never Stops
08. M83 - Kim And Jessie
09. Der Blutharsch - Untitled (The Philosophers Stone Track II)
10. Awesome Color - Already Down
11. Double Handsome Dragons - There Are Ghosts
12. Come Jolly Death - That Night Everything Went Slomo
13. Ihopeyousuffer - Armed With Colour
14. U. S. Christmas - Uktena
15. A Place To Bury Strangers - To Fix The Gash In Your Head
16. I Haunt Wizards - FF
17. On Earth - Risen


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