Saturday, 14 June 2008

Zero Tolerance Reviews The Introvert Perversion

This month's Zero Tolerance mag reviewed my album. They wrote this:

The Introvert Perversion

This one-man project from Birmingham provides an off-kilter mix of genres, drawing largely from the rock and metal arena, with elements of industrial and electronica creeping in. The Introvert Perversion comprises eight repetitive tracks, constructed from loops and recurring motifs, gradually changing as the song progresses. The demo production doesn't allow the nuances of this experimental approach to shine through. While it's an interesting effort, improved focus and execution are needed to take Meatbreak's concept further.

Russell Garwood

You can download it for free and hear for yourself:

At the risk of getting a bit too Bradford Cox and deconstructing this, that was pretty much the reason for me sending it in for reviewing. I just wanted to see what would happen, and what it feels like to send in an album and press release and read what comes back. I'm ignoring the Birmingham, but since a big part of this is lifted from the biog I sent in with the album they could have lifted the right town too. I take issue with 'off-kilter' too - eurgh. A horrid, lazy phrase that I always interpret as meaning 'I don't understand' or, maybe more generously 'ah, I don't have enough time before deadline, or space in the review to fully explain what this actually sounds like - luckily I have this conveniently reknowned aphorism to fall back on'.

But really none of that needs to be said. We all know 99% of writers are dead lazy, huh?

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