Monday, 9 June 2008

Not For Resale Mix 11 - June Download

The next Not For Resale mix has arrived! It's been away a little too long but this is one set that's going to wipe away all the bad memories you ever had and make up for the two months we left you adrift. We are sorry, and this our apology.

Download it here:

I always say "This is the best one yet", but there's LOADS of reasons why this is THE BEST ONE YET!!!

What’s in it this month? It opens with our new theme tune from Deliberate, our good friends in the North, then we work our way all over the country taking in the heady electro ambience of Nottingham’s Rookiecop, London’s most essential art-punk crew Plastic Passion, the art-doom-(in-joke?) of Gravanzia and the helter-skelter office-job-baiting beats of The Humanity. Across aways we go to Colchester for hardcore’s answer to the Arctic Monkey’s – Seas – at 16/17 years old, this band already have a hell of a lot nailed down hard – so hard it’s barely believable that they can pull these songs off (and we sure as hell heard that about Alex Turner too). Brighton gets its reps from Stars Down To Earth, Last Days of Lorca and Power Up – all three bands are playing our Live shows in the coming months and we stand by every twitch their muscles make – all three, intensity personified in their own very special ways. There’s the neon diskko of Drownsoda from Limoges, France, the neon nightmare of Toxic Lipstick from Osaka, Japan and the unsubtle wrath of Brisbane Oz’s one man BM band Black Anal Goat Vomit. This whole thing culminates in three of the most exciting acts around at the moment – Turbowolf, Fenech-Soler and Lonely Ghosts. As dream line-ups go, that’s a set of bands we’d love to see sharing a stage together. Wembley and Madison Square gardens, preferably

There’s much more than that too, all these peoples in fact:

Atlanticists / Black Anal Goat Vomit / Cables / Deliberate / Drownsoda / Fenech-Soler / Gravanzia / The Humanity / Jesus Knives / Last Days Of Lorca / Lonely Ghosts / Plastic Passion / Power Up / Rookiecop / Sam Amant / Seas / The Stars Down To Earth / Toxic Lipstick / Turbow├Âlf

Enough from me then, get clicking.


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