Friday, 13 June 2008

Just another day in the office?

I had another enjoyably solitary day in the office today. With everyone else being out at conferences and meetings it meant it was just me and the I-Pod and whichever psychologist just happened to email me about journal stuff. A very quiet day on the actual work front gave me all day to piss about on myspace, get some writing done and errr...resign from being new bands editor for Source Magazine. Yeah, maybe more on that later.

For now though, my soundtrack to all of that, beginning with my nice sunny walk to work went thusly: >>>

I Haunt Wizards – Along Came Polly / But Com'On I'm Useless / FF / Wolfis Vs. Witchuz / Frost Mountain / Gnomz / Incentive To Miscarriage
Turbowolf – Do Me Wrong / Mystery / Playland / Bite Me Like A Dog / Power
Heavy Winged – Alive In My Mouth
Hotel Wrecking City Traders – Black Yolk
The KLF – Last Train To Trancentral
Of Montreal – Beginning To See The Light
One Unique Signal – Venus In Furs
Iron Pirate – Iron Pirate
Goliath Bird Eater – Pentagon Black
Adam Lygo – The Changing
The Cool Kids – Bake Sale
The Fleet Foxes – The Fleet Foxes (This was crap, don't believe the hype, if it builds to anything)
I Haunt Wizards – NYMPTHS / Otaku World Print / Sailor Moon / That's A Nice Dress / Vampire AIDS
Plastic Passion – We Have Come So Far / It's Been Done / Look Around / Everything Changes / Homage / File Under
White Fang – The Sea / Choad / Acid Reaper
Hotel Wrecking City Traders – Black Yolk (Yes, Again, It Is That Amazing - it's what's on now - Can anyone write anything more earthshakingly rockin' than The Lakeshore Stranglers?!)

So that's my day. Good day.


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