Thursday, 19 March 2009

The Procession

Electric Wizard - The Procession
Rise Above

There is a new one song Electric Wizard release thing! Not sure how else to describe it. It sounds like it was recorded on Spanish radio or something. What it is, is a 500-copy limited pressing on single-sided black vinyl with fold-out cover and A2 poster, released for the Rise Above Records 20th Anniversary Show at London ULU, Saturday December 13th 2008, where it was sold exclusively. That will be why I am a bit slow on the uptaek on this. But new Wizard is always exciting and this is no wait, it is very different! Listen >>>



fokkawolfe said...

aw i wanna hear this but when i went to play it in media player it said i needed a code to listen to it!

Meatbreak said...

weird. you should get winamp, wmp is shit

Andy said...

xmplay for the win!!