Monday, 16 March 2009

DJ VS. Band Vs. Blog Action

Me and Fokka Wolfe have been busy blogging and setting up the new NFR blog over here - We have no idea whether anyone will read it, or even how to get anyone to read it. Answers on a postcard if you do know....seriously. I will be focussing all my NFR related stuff on that blog, and using this Black Static for more personal things - well, not personal as such, just less NFR-oriented. I am not sure how well that will work, but I guess I will be putting anything that is more Brighton or demo oriented over on the NFR and anything and everything else here.

So far we've posted up our opening mission statement, March's Penthouse setlist, a bit on Japanese shoegazers Hedgehog and a review of the Everyone To The Anderson gig we DJ'd at on Friday. Things to come will be a bit on Revenge of Shinobi, an Old Mayor preview for Wednesday (so that's coming in a minute!), and if all goes well and according to plan (which is very unlikely considering how quickly all major operations are going with me at present), a new download for you too.


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