Monday, 28 September 2009

Not For Resale Vol. 5 (IMP 49, August 2009)

It's Not For Resale at the Penthouse this week - Thursday. Diaries out. good good. coincidentally, this month's download mix for you in a Brighton based NFR special.

This is your sneak preview teaser trailer of a mix of demo mayhem. There'll be 4 more hours of this and then some later in the week when we hit the Penthouse for an NFR which might also double as an epliogue or addendum to my 30th birthday from Sunday.

It's the 5th installment of the Not For Resale mixes I make for the Project. Usually these are compiled from demos, self- and subterranean label releases we’ve been playing from all over the world; but this one is more special. This is an exclusively Brighton only mix (except the xbx jingles. He’s from the US, but no one in town has made me a mini-jingle yet…hint hint!) –designed to show off the undeniably awesome strength of a music scene that’s full of razor sharp talent, freaks and undiscovered genius. Just in time for Brighton Live too, which is pretty much lacking in a lot of that.

So here you go. Here’s Brighton for you:


Not For Resale Volume 5 (IMP 49, August 2009)



01. Power Up! – NFR Jingle
02. Masks - Fang
03. 129 Die In Jet! - Progression
04. Elks – Four Pale Letters
05. Awesome Wells – I Think I Just Heard The Hens Applauding In The Henhouse
06. Bellows - Troop
07. xbx – Shut Up NFR Jingle
08. Beadle – Chasing The Feedback Monkey
09. Curly Hair – Oh Brother
10. Halogen – Not The Remix
11. Drum Eyes – 50 50 (Live At The Engine Rooms)
12. Nullifier – If Days Corrode
13. Everyone To The Anderson – The Man Who Was Born Inside A Horse
14. Hind Ear - Coconut
15. Lamp – 1 Means 2
16. Esben And The Witch - Corridors
17. xbx – WolfMeat NFR Jingle


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